What’s involved?

A SPANC team member will ask you a few brief questions to confirm that you are eligible and then explain the nature of the study.
The study will involve:

  • 5 study visits over 3 years
  • a blood sample every year
  • anal swabs at each visit
  • an anal examination at each visit, where a small plastic tube is inserted into your anus
  • a questionnaire at each visit about other factors that might be related to cancer including sexual behaviour
  • There will also be a 6th visit to review all your study results with a study doctor

Who is eligible?

  • Living in the Sydney region and aged 35 years or more
  • Had sex with men
  • Never diagnosed with anal cancer
  • Never undergone a High Resolution Anoscopy
  • Not taking anticoagulant medication (aspirin is OK)

Then you’re eligible to enroll in SPANC!