What we do

We want to find a way to help people change their lives for the better. We are doing a world first medication trial to assist in managing impulsive aggressive behaviour. What we mean by this is helping you to stop flying off the handle, acting before thinking and buying you a few seconds to think before you act. The medication prescribed is called sertraline, this medication has been available on prescription for over 20 years to treat illnesses, including depression and anxiety.

Why should you get involved

  • You may benefit from taking part in this trial by being calmer and less likely to become angry
  • You may become one of the first people to get the benefit of this new treatment
  • By taking part you will be compensated for your time and expenses
  • You will be provided with free support and health checks
  • You can be referred to other treatment providers if this is deemed to be required by yourself or the clinical team

How to get involved

To take part you must:
  • Be male
  • Have 2 or more previous violent offences (e.g. common assault, malicious damage, assault occasioning actual bodily harm)
  • Be generally healthy (don’t worry, we’ll check)

Click here to find out if you can take part

you can speak to one of our consultants on 1800 221 537
or chat to your parole officer, or legal representative
Click here to send this website to a friend you think should take part